Workshop 2023 DSG & DigiJED 2 & DigIn.Net 2

Ukrainian students and young researchers gathered from December 6, 2023, to December 8, 2023, at the successful Workshop “Blended Learning – a Learning Form of the Future” organized by DSG & DigiJED 2 & DigIn.Net 2. The event brought together over 65 talented participants from three projects: DSG (German-speaking degree programs) & DigiJED 2 (Digital Education with Joined Efforts) & DigIn.Net 2 (Digital Innovation Network – German-Ukrainian network of digital innovations). The event provided participants with unique opportunities to discuss innovative ideas and present their projects for knowledge exchange and collaboration




As part of the major event, an important meeting was held with the leadership of the International Department, as well as high-ranking officials and project coordinators of DSG & DigiJED 2 & DigIn.Net 2. This event served as a significant platform for idea exchange and provided participants with valuable advice from experienced professionals in international cooperation.

The meeting featured interesting speeches and presentations that addressed current issues and perspectives of international cooperation. Participants had the opportunity to discuss their own projects and receive answers to questions from recognized experts.




This meeting was not only a platform for knowledge exchange but also a crucial step in the development of projects, opening up new prospects and horizons for international cooperation. Participants expressed their gratitude for the valuable experience and hoped for further fruitful development of their projects at the international level.

Such events are key moments for fostering collaboration and idea exchange in the international scientific community.