"Digital Future: Blended Learning"

The DigIn.Net 2 team, with the support of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Hochshule Anhalt, HSA) in the framework of DUDIZ (German-Ukrainian Center for Digital Innovation) invites you to an interesting and rich internship program for academic staff from the higher education institutions of ІІI-IV levels of accreditation, public or private

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Internship in the framework of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Hochshule Anhalt, HSA), Germany:

The internship will be in an online format, so make sure the participant's workplace meets the following requirements:

Internship program

The internship is conducted in DUDIZ interactive multimedia sessions (German-Ukrainian Center for Digital Innovation) based on the DigIn.Net 2 project with the support of

1 Methodological aspects of the organization of blended or distance learning

Dates of the event: 03.04.2023 - 07.04.2023

2 Digital technologies of communication and cooperation

Dates of the event: 10.04.2023 - 14.04.2023

3 Digital tools for creating educational content

Dates of the event: 17.04.2023 - 21.04.2023

In order to successfully complete the internship, you need:

to attend at least 80% of classes

We are waiting for participants at the internship