"Digital Future: Blended Learning"

The DigIn.Net 2 team, with the support of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Hochshule Anhalt, HSA) in the framework of DUDIZ (German-Ukrainian Center for Digital Innovation) invites you to an interesting and rich internship program for academic staff from the higher education institutions of ІІI-IV levels of accreditation, public or private

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Internship in the framework of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Hochshule Anhalt, HSA), Germany:

The internship will be in an online format, so make sure the participant's workplace meets the following requirements:

Internship program

The internship is conducted in DUDIZ interactive multimedia sessions (German-Ukrainian Center for Digital Innovation) based on the DigIn.Net 2 project with the support of

1 Methodological aspects of the organization of blended learning

08.04.2024 - 09.04.2024

2 Digital technologies of communication and cooperation

10.04.2024 - 12.04.2024

  1. 2.1 Digital technologies of communication and cooperation
    1. 2.1.1 Mentimeter, Google Forms, Slido, Wooclap
    2. 2.1.2 Interactive boards: Padlet, Jamboard, Conceptboard, Miro
    3. 2.1.3 Digital tool Lucid
  2. 2.2 A set of cloud software and digital tools for communication and collaboration (Google applications, Moodle)
  3. 2.3 Digital visualization tools
    1. 2.3.1 Maps of knowledge, mind maps
    2. 2.3.2 Infographics

3 Digital tools for creating educational content

15.04.2024 - 19.04.2024

  1. 3.1 Digital tools for creating educational content:
    1. 3.1.1 Canva environment
    2. 3.1.2 The Genially environment
  2. 3.2 Digital tools for creating educational video materials:
    1. 3.2.1 Training videos. Video recording and editing
    2. 3.2.2 Powtoon Interactive Videos
  3. 3.3 Digital tools for monitoring the quality of the educational process
  4. 3.4 Digital tools for creating interactive worksheets: Liveworksheets, Wizer
  5. 3.5 Technologies for preparation of scientific publications: LaTeX

4 Artificial Intelligence Technologies in the Professional Activity of a Higher Education Institution Teacher

22.04.2024 - 26.04.2024

  1. 4.1 ChatGPT, Gemini, Microsoft Copilot
  2. 4.2 Artificial intelligence services for writing and translating texts: Writesonic, Topic, Deepl, Wordtune
  3. 4.3 Artificial intelligence services for data visualization and image creation
  4. 4.4 Artificial intelligence services for creating presentations: Gamma, Beautiful.AI, SlidesGo
  5. 4.5 Digital Tools for detection of AI Content

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In order to successfully complete the internship, you need:

to attend at least 80% of classes

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