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This year, more than 20 participants were registered, but only 14 of them were able to reach the final stage. The competition committee analyzed the experience gained by the teams and determined which ideas had the potential for implementation. The selected students and young scientists were given the opportunity to travel to Germany to conduct research and cooperate with German scientists and institutions

The final was attended by 14 participants, namely:

– 4 young scientists:


1 Yavorska Olha – SUITT

Software-Defined Networking Solution with Machine Learning for Dynamic Link Reconfiguration


2 Hurklis Iryna – SUITT

Increasing the Effectiveness of Distance Learning with the Help of Virtual Reality


3 Buheda Liubov – SUITT

Developing a Solution for a Reliable, Scalable Wireless Mesh Network in Remote Areas


4 Flinta Nataliia – TNPU

Modern Information Technologies in Tourism


– 10 senior students:


1 Bushansky Vladimir – NTU “KhPI”

Automation of Technical Decisions and Quality Control of Multiparameter Products using Web Applications and Methods of Mathematical Statistics in Serial and Mass Production


2 Martyniuk Andrii – KSU

Practical Application of Optimization Problems


3 Pavliuk Pavlo – TNPU

Video Mastering with using Virtual Technologies


4 Sokotov Denys – TNPU

Digital Analysis of Activities of Universities


5 Sokolova Alona – OPNU

Research of Means of Moving Robotic Devices (Using Coppeliasim Platform)


6 Yalin Wang – OPNU

Impedance Matching Design of Digital Ultrasonic Power Supply


7 Flinta Kateryna – TNPU

Environmental Online Monitoring of the City of Ternopil


8 Nguyen Dinh Tung – SUITT

Designing a Single-Band Mimo Antenna for 5G Mobile Systems


9 Brigadir Oleksandr – SUITT

Smart Home Assistant App Development


10 Halchuk Stanislav – SUITT

Development of Automated Student Success Tracking System “Estudent”

Крім того, українські таланти отримали можливість приєднатися до Workshop DigiJED 2 & DigIn.Net 2 в HSA, який проходив 7.06.2023

This year’s participants will present the results of their projects at international conferences and seminars. In addition, several joint scientific articles will be prepared and published, which testifies to the success and active scientific work of the contest participants