Center for Digital Innovation (DUDIZ)

The newly created German-Ukrainian Digital Innovation Center (DUDIZ) is based on the ZOOM Remote Collaboration Service infrastructure, which is the leading provider of distributed digital technology ( Free software is offered for all common PCs and tablets with which the German-Ukrainian collaboration can be successfully implemented. In addition to audio and video channels, software support is offered for organizing and conducting interactive webinars. 10 virtual workspaces (business version for moderators) have been purchased so that each participating university can independently organize virtual meetings and regularly provide and publish information about the project.

Created a website in three languages (Ukrainian, German and English):


Virtual innovation rooms were created at SUIT and KPI. Bought tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 T860 WiFi), ultrabooks, including software. Prestigio MultiBoard 65 “L-Series (UHD) Smartboards were purchased and configured on a mobile stand and with video conferencing equipment.