Each project of the young researcher is assigned an supervisor from Ukraine and mentor from Germany. The potential of the Innovative idea will be discussed with a young researcher and experts who are looking for possible ways to implement the project. At this level, the concept of the idea is formalized, adapted and improved. The cooperation takes place in interactive multimedia sessions of DUDIZ (German-Ukrainian Center for Digital Innovation at the O.S. Popov Odesa National Academy of Telecommunications (ONAT). The platform enables the collaboration of Ukrainian talents with scientists in Ukraine and Germany. If the leader does not see the idea being followed, the mentoring program is terminated with the team.

The Committee summarizes the experience, and if the idea is deemed to be valuable and interesting, the young scientist gets a chance to convert the idea into reality during a research or study trip to Germany of the team or individually (up to one semester of the academic year) Digital Future Scholarship Program in HSA.

In addition, Ukrainian talents, whose ideas are considered by the jury to be the most interesting and promising, will have the opportunity to join the “Digital Future” Seminar at the HSA.