I. Contest Tasks

The main Tasks of the Contest are:

  • Identifying, developing, stimulating and supporting financially young researchers to use a chance to convert their ideas into reality during a research or study trip to Germany up to one semester of the academic year;
  • Promotion of international research in the field of digital innovation;
  • Involvement of leading scientists from Ukraine and Germany into cooperation in order to promote digital competence at partner universities.

II. Requirements for the submission of applications in the Contest and their format:

  1. An application with a description of an innovative idea and its basic concept in the field of digital innovations in Information and Communication Technologies, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Cybersecurity shall be submitted to the competition.
  2. The idea of the application should be from one author and one scientific supervisor from a higher education institution in Ukraine. After the application stage, if the application is selected, the second supervisor for the project will be appointed from a German higher education institute (HSA).
  3. Young scientists and students, who are enrolled in the third and higher year of university studies can participate in the Contest.
  4. The description of the innovative idea and its basic concept is formulated in accordance with the following requirements:
    • The text is printed in Times New Roman font, line spacing 1.5, letter sizes 14, A4 sheet format, margins: left – 20 mm, right – 20 mm, upper and lower – 20 mm;
    • The description should have a cover page (it should include the name of the project idea, the student’s first and last name, higher education institute name, supervisor’s last name, introduction, and general characteristics of the idea;
    • The content of the document should not exceed 5 pages;
    • The content should be  either in English or in German, and it should be sent to the coordinator email in pdf



III. Contest Format

  1. The Contest is held in three stages:
    • Stage I – Online-contest of the Innovative ideas of “Digital Future” on DigIn.Net (;
    • Stage II – the stage of remote cooperation;
    • Stage III – implementation of the project at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.


At Stage I:

1) Registration on the DigIn.Net platform (, description of the idea in 3-4 sentences, feedback from the project coordinator;

2) Participation in the online Contest for Innovative ideas “Digital Future” (deadline of the applications with describing the idea of a future project is 31.01.2022), and the opportunity to get a chance to convert your idea into reality during research or study trip to Germany (up to one semester of the academic year). The results of the Contest will be announced on 31.03.2022.

The International Contest Committee has been set up to organize and hold the first round of the Contest, for which applications are submitted with the description of the Innovative idea and its main concept. At the Committee meeting (at least 2/3 of its composition must be at the meeting), the Committee decides on the project topics that the authors are invited to participate in the Second stage of the Contest.

The coordinators send the invitations to the authors of the corresponding works for the second stage of the Contest. If an applicant is unable to participate in the second stage, his/her application is withdrawn.

At Stage II:

Each project of the young researcher is assigned an supervisor from Ukraine and mentor from Germany. The potential of the Innovative idea will be discussed with a young researcher and experts who are looking for possible ways to implement the project. At this level, the concept of the idea is formalized, adapted and improved. The cooperation takes place in interactive multimedia sessions of DUDIZ (German-Ukrainian Center for Digital Innovation at the O.S. Popov Odesa National Academy of Telecommunications (ONAT). The platform enables the collaboration of Ukrainian talents with scientists in Ukraine and Germany. If the leader does not see the idea being followed, the mentoring program is terminated with the team.

The Committee summarizes the experience, and if the idea is deemed to be valuable and interesting, the young scientist gets a chance to  convert the idea into reality during a research or study trip to Germany of the team or individually (up to one semester of the academic year).

Digital Future Scholarship Program in HSA.

In addition, Ukrainian talents, whose ideas are considered by the jury to be the most interesting and promising, will have the opportunity to join the “Digital Future” Seminar at the HSA.

At Stage III:

The young researcher implements his/her project at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences for up to one semester of the academic year.


IV. Personal documents for participation in the third stage of the Contest

To implement the Innovative idea during a research or study trip to Germany, you must prepare the following documents in pdf-form:

  1. The completed application (in English or German).
  2. Resume(in English or German).
  3. Copy of foreign biometric passport.
  4. Certificate from the institution of higher education of Ukraine where the young researcher studies (works).
  5. A description of the Innovative idea and its main concept (in English or German).
  6. Expert reviews in English or German (1 – from a project manager from Ukraine and 1 – from a consultant from Germany).


V. Data protection

We take great care to ensure that your personal information remains confidential. We have therefore enclosed this data protection declaration as additional information for you.

Personal data

We respect the responsibility for your personal information such as your name, email address and other personal data that you provide to us. Your data will not be disclosed to third parties. We use your personal data exclusively to offer you information about our project “”.

Privacy policy

The personal data of a person, that have been collected for the above-mentioned purposes will be collected, processed, used and transmitted in compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and, from 25 May 2018, the EU Data Protection Regulation (EU DSGVO). You can send the declaration of data withdrawal to: “”,